Connectum specializes in harnessing the value of water and energy resources through innovative solutions.
With a focus on protecting water basins of any size from evaporation and algae formation, Connectum offers the Connectum Amphybian System©. This unique system ensures stability and optimal yield of solar panels both on water and land, providing a dual benefit of renewable energy generation and water conservation.
Additionally, Connectum provides Water Shields©, a hexagonal solution crafted in Belgium to combat evaporation and algae growth by covering the water surface. Even in situations where anchoring on land is challenging or prohibited, the Connectum Amphybian System remains effective, offering versatility in application.
By integrating floating solar panels with water protection measures, Connectum enables businesses and individuals to generate profits in three key domains: renewable energy, water conservation, and environmental sustainability.
Bulken collaborated with Spindokter to craft a cutting-edge strategy, producing refined visuals and an identity perfectly aligned with the company's intricacy, technical prowess, innovation, and core values.
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