The flowbuddy is a small but very smart device that ensures the energy of your IZEN solar installation is stored and used, where and when you want.
IZEN approached BULKEN to promote their new device, the flowbuddy, through a video. Time to sit down with the regular communication agency Spindokter to think out a script and draw up a storyboard. The device was still in development during the shooting and therefore had to be digitally embedded.
In order to visualise the energy lines, the scenes first had to be tracked in 3D. A 360° hdri map had to be made of some scenes in order to be able to illuminate the 3d objects with a correct shading and reflection in 3d afterwards.
script: Wouter Kersbergen, Pieter Vandenbulcke
copy: Wouter kersbergen
storyboard: Pieter Vandenbulcke
VO: Wouter kersbergen
Camera DOP: David Ramboer
Drone: Wietse Nys
Regie: Wouter Kersbergen, Pieter Vandenbulcke
Production: Wouter Kersbergen
VFX: Pieter Vandenbulcke
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