The EU plans to be ClimateNeutral by 2050. By then, solar could create up to 4 million jobs in 🇪🇺.
With the support of Grow with Google, SolarPower Europe launched the campaign "SolarWorks", highlighting the vast opportunities and potential of working in solar across EU Member States.

Solar energy has a huge potential. It could create up to 4 million green jobs in Europe by 2050. However, many jobs still need to be created for this. That is why SolarPower Europe, together with Google, is launching a platform to achieve this objective by 2050. 

The visual fil rouge throughout the story is an animation of a yellow ball 
representing Solar Power. Even though it encounters some hurdles it will 
be presented as an unstoppable force. The visual style for this animation 
consists of playful 3D renders interspersed with real images.
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